News and Events

Workshops and Seminars

Africa Institute of Health and Development organizes workshops at least four times a year. This will require all the students studying through correspondence and full time to attend. The aim of these workshops is to exchange views and field experience and also give the students is to exchange views and field experience and also give the students an opportunity for consultation on areas of interest or difficult. The workshops are organized in collaboration with external experts.

Full Time Students

These are students who attend lecture sessions in our premises on daily basis. The students attend lecture/tutorial sessions on times to be agreed upon with the lectures concerned. One session takes minimum of 2 hours. There is one session everyday from Monday to Thursday. During the lecture/tutorial sessions, students are given attention and or instructions on subjects mattes in a participation mode.

Guided Self Study

Students studying through correspondence are provided with handouts and well research notes. CATs and fieldwork are given at the end of each unit and should be done and returned for marking before proceeding to next unit. The end term examination is done at the institute premises and the results are mailed or collected back immediately after marking. These students are expected to attend workshops when scheduled.

Unit system – what it means

All certificates courses have 6 units that are designed to be completed in six months. Diploma courses have 12 units and should take 12 months. Cost per unit could therefore mean per month. But more than one unit done per month means multiple cost.

Field Work

Students are required to participate in field case studies every Friday. This is aimed at exposing them to the realities of their careers. Such field-works and CATS will account for 30% on the final grade


The exams are done at the end of every term before proceeding to the next. For fulltime students, the exams will be done in the institute’s premises. For correspondence students, the end term examinations is done at the institute premises, and the results mailed or collected back immediately after marking. At the end of the term, students are issued with the end term transcript for their examination, for those who pass, they proceed to the next term, and for those who fail they sit for supplementary examination. The end of term examination is worked out of 70%, which is added to the 30% of the CATS and fieldwork marks. The final grade at the end of the course will be the mean grade of the total number of marks scored.


Africa Institute of Health and Development has accommodation arrangements for both boys and girls in hostels within Nairobi. This is only for students who wish to be boarders by fact that they come far from the institute. The accommodation fee is borne by the students and is Kshs.2,500/= per month, meal – pay as you eat cafeteria system in the hostels. Also students should carry a blanket, a pair of sheets, a pair of sandals and basin i.e. personal items.

We also help our students
  • By placing their CV’s in the website for job seekers or
  • By securing employment through reputable job placemen bureaus or recommending them to or former students who are in administrative posts.
  • By participating in job recruitments fairs organized by potential employers
  • By sending lists of our gradates to potential employers.
  • By sending lists of our graduates to potential employees
  • By organizing degree programmes in foreign universities
  • By sponsoring the extreme needy students through the Rural Aid – Kenya (NGO) sponsorship programs.

The students are advised to fill in the sponsorship application for consideration (Form attached) or to be collected from the institute).