• Submit a photocopy of education certificates
  • Have a form four certificate
  • Have a mean grade of C- or the equivalent
  • Submit 2 passport size photographs
  • Submit a photocopy of identify card
  • Admission fees of Kshs 1500/=
  • Submit back duly completed admission form


Below is the fees structure: -

Examination Fees Ksh 2500= per month, Termly Ksh 7500, Other charges 2700 that includes caution, library college ID Activity and Medical paid once

On reporting day bring with you a lecture chair or Ksh 1500/= and a realm of printing papers or full scalps;

Students will be required to subscribe for the regular field trips.

The fees can be paid on a yearly, quarterly, or monthly basis.

Boarding fee (including three(3) meals,breakfast ,lunch,supper;monthly 2500/=,termly 7500/=

Carry yourself with boarding items notably mattress,blanket ,basin and personal effects .As policy all new admitted students has to board for one term before being allowed to be day scholars.

Fees once paid cannot be refunded.

Academic Calendar

The institute operates within a calendar coinciding with those of other institutes. However, a calendar of specific dates is issued every year by the institute’s planning unit.The general calendar is:

  • 1st Semester: Jan to March
  • 1st Semester Examinations: March
  • 2nd Semester: March to June
  • 2nd Semester Examinations: June
  • 3rd Semester: June to September
  • 3rd semester Examination: September
  • 4th Semester: September to December
  • 4th Semester Examination: December