Administrative Structure

Dear students, As you enter Africa Institute of Health and Development you are turning another page in your future life. That's why you are here. In Africa Institute of Health and Development you have the opportunity to reach the goal of your dream. Much will be expected of you. You will be required to live a committed life. In doing that, you will understand yourself better.

Each and every member of this community is here because of you. Approach them with honesty and without fear. You will reap untold befits.

You have companions - Other students. They are walking along the same road. Live at peace with them, and you will find your journey less tiresome.

In any institution there are rules and regulations, observe them and you will be a happy student. Remember, these rules are not meant to alter your personality or to destroy your cultural values, but to enrich and develop you in order to fit in the wider national culture i.e. the Kenyan cultural world culture One final word, question yourself often as to why you are here. I am confident that with such guidelines the Lord will not fail you. It is with this spirit that the whole community welcomes you, with every hope that you will have a happy stay at Africa Institute of Health and Development.

Below is the Administrative structure in the college:


The Board of Directors of the Sunrise Teachers Training College are the brain behind this noble institution. Until otherwise varied by a special resolution passed at general meeting ,the board shall consists of the honorary posts of chairman, secretary and treasurer; provided that the Chief Executive may serve as the secretary ,and even where the chief Executive shall not be the secretary, he shall be a member of the board ex-officio. The members of the board are appointed in writing by the subscribers to the organization, provided that a member of the board shall be a member of the organization.

The council/Board formulates the policies and managerial strategies for running the college. It deals with disciplinary issues, graduation and graduation ceremonies, members of the staff, repeaters and expulsions and other issues concerning the well-being of the college. The board shall be the policy making organ of the organization.

  • He is the college's chief executive officer. The day-to- day affairs of the organization shall be managed by him/her and his/her officers.
  • He/She directs and guides the college with paternal charity in the spirit of Christ and coordinates the various activities for the fruitful training of teachers.
  • The decisions reached by him in consultation with Board of Directors are binding and final. His mission is in living Jesus' words "It Unum Saint" (that they may be one, Jn 17:11).
The Principal

The principal is the chief executive of the management in the college. Works closely with the management to ensure normal running of the college, interpreting college policies and their adherence by all and general discipline by both staff, non-teaching staff and students.

  • Identifies academic weaknesses and the necessary remedial put in place.
  • Formulates adequate control mechanisms to ensure proper management of college resources.
  • Ensures that financial integrity of college is preserved by all means.
  • Monitors and evaluates development projects and corporate plan for the institute towards its progress.
  • Maximum respect should be accorded to his/her by all, decisions reached by him/her are obligatory.
The Deputy Principal
  • The deputy is in-charge of all issues which regard the running of the college in conjunction with the principal and the management. Acts in capacity of the principal in absentia and foresees the implementation of the college policies.
  • Ensures discipline and high etiquette values are adhered to by all, staff, students and non-teaching staff.
  • Deals with students' innings and outings, conducting roll calls during weekdays and weekends.
  • In-charge of what is pinned on the notice board, results, teachers on duty, senators on duty and any other information.
  • Supervises closely duties performed by all staff and students
Dean of curriculum
  • He/she is in-charge of the college's syllabus.
  • Ensures that the syllabus is covered in scheduled time, time table is followed strictly, exam rules and regulations are adhered to, keeps the students progress record.
  • Ensures that only English is used during weekdays and Swahili on weekends.
  • Ensures that highest academic results are achieved in our college by networking with other members of the college management.
  • Supervise to see that before any teaching the teachers have known to prepare: - Schemes of work - Lesson plan - Lesson notes - Progress record - Register, assessment book - Application table.
ABC Dean of students
  • He/she is the father and mother professionally.
  • Deals with students in their day to day activities.
  • Give analysis of conduct, behavior patterns, corrections, advises and disciplinary measures to students in conjunction with the Principal and Deputy.
  • Follows closely the progress of students.
  • Ensures that the students have all the relevant documents like ID Cards, record cards, teaching practice assessment book and all necessary documents.
  • Supervises the choosing of senators by secret ballot and prepares handing over rites.
  • Heads the clubs and societies formed within the college, assigns matrons/patrons and subject clubs (Debate, humanities, and sciences).
  • Keep record of all the absenteeism, roll calls.
  • Reconciles the disputes among students.
  • Actively involves students in liturgy and every activity in the college.
Head of Teaching
  • He/she is the model in the teaching fraternity.
  • Should be professional guide in matters of all teaching , able to prepare schemes of work, lesson plan, records of work and lesson notes.
  • Organizes all the teaching time tables for students, identifies schools, and prepares the teaching practice time table.
  • Keeps all teaching records and forwards copies to the relevant offices.
  • Makes sure that the goals of Sunrise Teachers' Training College are met i.e. producing Careers professional for growing nation, developing nation and competitive world.
  • Prepares for micro and macro teaching, should bear in mind that all teaching begins with preparing notes as per the approved syllabus.
  • Ensures that all tutor trainee is assessed practically before cleared to teach.
  • Ensures that every students gets enough knowledge during teaching , shifting from one topic to another and vice-versa.
  • Should make sure that the students are thoroughly helped to become professionals by making sure they go for attachment, write project paper and they should make presentation to a panel of experts on the same.
Senior Tutor
  • Coordinates, evaluates and collects of work.
  • He/she is in-charge of exams, proof readings and making sure that they are standard and comprehensive.
  • Appoints exam supervisors.
  • To guide students wherever necessary.
  • He/she monitors, evaluates and reports on achievements against the set standards.
  • Help in monitoring the discipline.
  • Schemes of work, lesson
  • Elements of schemes of work and lesson planning Head of Games
  • He/she is in-charge of all the games and sports in the college.
  • Should be able to teach P.E as a subject.
  • Demonstrate the rules pertaining various games as guided by the curriculum.
  • Be able to plan early in line with college calendar of events all the games and sports to avoid unnecessary confusion.
  • Keeps the records of all the students' activities then submits them to relevant office of meriting.
  • Ensures that all the students participate in the games and sports without exception whatsoever.
  • Maintenance of all the sporting facilities.
  • Ensures that every student undergoes orientation, a 'must' a step in this professional training.
Drama Tutor
  • Must instill students creativity in drama, both internally and externally (competition).
  • Always act as a discipline master during external and internal drama festivals to win the college's good name.
  • Keeps the drama records, costumes, equipment.
  • Keeps the record of students involved in drama and their merits.
  • Acts as master of ceremony during dram festivals.
  • He/she is in-charge of communication gadgets and entertainment programs.
Class Tutor
  • They are the head of their own class.
  • Should know all the students pretty well, name, character and attitudes.
  • Maintain discipline in class and enhance competitiveness academically, punctuality and time management.
  • Call register and keeps progress record, notes all absenteeism.
  • Encourages participation in co-curriculum activities.
Other Tutor
  • Every tutor is the link in the chain of management, should participate in all college activities.
  • Supervises and assesses students during teaching practice.
  • Works responsibly where allocated duties without failure or complaint. Duties like being personal tutors, subject tutors and tutor on duty.
  • All tutors should make sure that they guide well students in preparing work, approving them, check all spelling mistakes, correct, check margin, match colours well and portray creativeness.
Personal Tutor
  • Should act as a pillar for trainee to lean on throughout teaching , advice, correct and console them when in difficulties.
Subject Tutor
  • Foresees that their subject has been taught according to curriculum.
  • Encourage improvisation of teaching aids.
  • Supervise trainee’s personalities during teaching practice.
The teacher on duty
  • Works hand in hand with senators on duty to ensure cleanliness in compound, D.H, toilets, lecture rooms and so on.
  • Ensures obedience to the bell by everybody, no noise during preps and no unnecessary movements in the class.
  • He/she is in-charge of the daily occurrence, supervise attendance , noting that no teacher comes to work late or drunk.
The students’ body
  • Responsibility and leadership are greatly encouraged among the students, as necessary for the good of the college and for their own training. Wherever appropriate, the college is run on the principle of “By the students, for the students”. Every year elections are held of the post of senators in various Departments (subject to correction). The outgoing and incoming elected leaders together make the list of departmental leaders in which positions of the student body are allocated.
  • Leadership is then exercised according to the principle of subsidiary whereby no higher leader does anything that can be done by a lower leader. Once the list of departmental leaders has been drawn up, a solemn ceremony is organized attended by the full college community, during which the list is made public and the spirit at tradition of Sunrise Teachers’ Trainining College are once more underlined.
  • It is the duty of the Student Dean together with the Assistants under the guidance of the Dean of students to maintain discipline in the various quarters of the college. It will be their duty too to allocate the various responsibilities to the other students, such as indoor duties etc.

The following are various departments in this body:

  • College Coordinators
  • Class senators
  • Library senators
  • Games senators
  • Drama senators
  • Compound senators
  • Toilet senators
  • College infirmarian
  • College leaders
  • Bishop/mother superior
  • Catechist
  • Choir master and mistress
  • Class representative
  • Scout leaders
  • Wildlife leaders
  • Drama leaders
  • C.A leaders
  • C.U leaders
  • Marriage encounter leaders
Subject clubs
  • Humanities leaders
  • Science leaders
  • Debate leaders
  • Mjadala leaders
  • Hosting Flag by scout
  • Prayers
Priest – In the name of the Father
  • Our Father
  • Hail Mary
  • Bible readings
  • General prayer
  • Choruses
  • Announcements from C.C
  • Teacher on duty
  • Deputy principal
  • Visitors if any
  • Principal
  • Always the teacher on duty acts as the Master of ceremony during a student meeting and any emergency meeting called by the principal.
  • Otherwise enjoy your stay and remember contravention of these precepts leads to your woes and sorrows, whilst adherence leads to joy and successful training.
  • Remember the power to become lies within you and “knowledge is power ” is our motto.